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Pineland Farms - new favorite Nordic ski area

Nordic Ski
  • 25.0mi
  • 2,476ft
  • 2:48:14
    Moving Time


  1. Arvid S.

    I have been telling you about Pineland farms for years. Always excellent grooming.

  2. Doug Jansen

    Yep, and when Brett went there on Wed and said the same thing, I had to check it out. Looking at some of the leaderboards, I see several accomplished cyclists at or near the top of them. Definitely have to go back when it is a little warmer. Could easily bang out 50k there in 3hrs I think.

    How was Windblown?

  3. Paul Lohnes

    Quite the complex they have..How long was the drive?

  4. Doug Jansen

    About 2hrs for me, probably slightly less for you. So it is closer than Bretton Woods, but further than Waterville Valley.

    I tried to hit every trail, but in the map I now see a dotted line I missed. Most trails are one-ways, a very nice feature.

  5. Arvid S.

    Windblown had very nice snow, but grooming was a little narrow, and some normally groomed skate areas were not groomed.

  6. Cathy R.

    Love Pineland Farms (the complex) - we need to try the skiing there. I spoke to one of the owners last year, and he claimed at the time that they were the best at grooming and had the best trail system... Sounds like he may have been close to right.

  7. Doug Jansen

    Yes, the Nordic trails are best laid out anywhere I've skied. The network is a textbook stacked trail system, something that IMBA has been promoting for a while now. You can do a main loop, or append as many side loops as you want. Basically, by taking all lefts, you will ski almost the whole trail system. Most of the trails are one-way only, which is really nice on the fast descents with blind corners. A lot less traffic too.