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I think I'll leave it a couple of days before I inspect the damage and turn my HR on and get on the scales......I sweat quite a lot when I'm a fat lad!

  • 6.0mi
  • 45:36
    Moving Time
  • 7:36/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 840


  1. Jason T.
    Jason T.

    Wtf@you did 14 this morn.....#holiday?

  2. Steve W.
    Steve Way

    Eh? I haven't done any real running in 2 weeks since Comrades

  3. Jason T.
    Jason T.

    Doh- really sorry! Wrong steve! Wouldn't comment on you doing two runs...be more likely to come if only one πŸ™ˆ ps your a legend! Know idea how you do it! Following for inspiration Steve 😜

  4. Steve W.
    Steve Way


  5. Jason T.
    Jason T.

    *comment *no #fat fingers

  6. Iain T.
    Iain Trickett

    I set a new PB after W4L and put on 14lbs in 3weeks, it was awesome but I'm paying for it now 😭

  7. Steve W.
    Steve Way

    I think I may have beaten you in 2 weeks mate.....couldn't find a running vest that fitted this morning!

  8. Neil B.
    Neil Beacher

    Sometimes the best, sometimes the worst feature on the 935 😁

  9. Hannah S.
    Hannah S.

    Well done Steve - I know how you feel; I think I've been eating for Britain since Comrades!!

  10. Steve W.
    Steve Way

    It looks like you've done more miles than me since the race Hannah so you're allowed more food ;-)

  11. Jef H.
    Jef H.

    Yep. I can relate to that.. obviously without the speed and distance

  12. Hannah S.
    Hannah S.

    But, I think yours are faster Steve... plus it is my 40th next Saturday and I bought outfit when I was at my training most skinny - oops!!

  13. Edward C.
    Edward Cullen

    Good run Steve!

  14. Rob B.
    Rob Boyce

    Well earned binge! πŸŽ‚πŸ˜ƒ

  15. Alex C.
    Alex C.

    Leaving comments is clearly complicated, I will leave no comment

  16. Anthony C.
    Anthony Clark

    Nice jog fatty