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Whole dam kitchen sink at Blagdon and over... time to give up and go back to cricket!

  • 12.3mi
  • 876ft
  • 34:23
    Moving Time
  • 666
  • 39
    Suffer Score


  1. Ben (.
    Ben (Turners Cycles)

    You Star! KOM on Blagdon!!! Well done!

  2. Stephen W.
    Stephen W.

    That must have hurt ..well done ..

  3. Mat W.
    Mat W.

    Good work, well done! 👍

  4. Sam G.
    Sam G.

    Nice work! Fancy a flatter 80km? Henstridge road race tomorrow have four places opened up...500m over the 7 laps

  5. Darren W.
    Darren W.

    Thanks 👍

  6. Owen M.
    Owen Messenger

    Do you want to buy a cricket bat? I've got a nice one for sale!😉

  7. Darren W.
    Darren W.

    I have more cricket stuff than I do bike stuff 🏏

  8. Ben (.
    Ben (Turners Cycles)

    I don't believe that last comment Webby😉

  9. Darren W.
    Darren W.

    Yeah I guess since you build it all I can't kid you😉