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First Ride on New Mountain Bike

  • 10.5mi
  • 627ft
  • 55:26
    Moving Time
  • 564


  1. Scott H.

    Looks fast.

  2. Pamela R.

    Atta boy!

  3. Jeff Wilson

    Sope creek is waiting for you. Gary got the hard tail Ghost for his son.

  4. Donald Hall

    Great deals!

  5. Steve Z

    Awesome, Don! I just got a used MTB too. I looked at that Ghost - good bike! - but ended up with a used Yeti. Let's get out and see who can crash most creatively.

  6. Bob H.

    That's great you got a mountain bike. I got my first last year when I was only 69. I didn't do my first face plant until was turned 70 in January - hopefully it's my last. I thoroughly enjoy my mountain bike.

  7. Mark B.


  8. Donald Hall

    I know absolutely nothing about mountain biking, hope I can learn just a little.

  9. Pamela R.

    Let me know when you are ready to ride Sope! Ed Stamm and I will take you out. Next week, early AM?

  10. George M.

    Have fun!

  11. Doug Paul

    Love my Ghost road bike!