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Jackson County Brevet - Metric

  • 67.1mi
  • 3,333ft
  • 3:23:26
    Moving Time
  • 2,859
  • 112
    Suffer Score


  1. Janita P.
  2. Blackice I.
    Blackice I.

    Stout ride

  3. Joe A.
    Joe Astacio

    Beast mode, Cedron!

  4. Cedron J.
    Cedron Johnson

    Thanks guys.

  5. Cedron J.
    Cedron Johnson

    I was looking out there for you Janita Poe (2017 Team HERevolution)

  6. Natalie N.
    Natalie Naylor

    Snookums! What was in that oatmeal this morning?😳

  7. Steve R.
    Steve Rosser

    Great ride Ced! Very thankful for the shared work! Not too shabby for a couple of chasers. :-)

  8. Cedron J.
    Cedron Johnson

    I couldnt have done it without you Steve!

  9. Cedron J.
    Cedron Johnson

    Schnookums, I was just happy to see you this morning!

  10. Greg C.
    Greg Cashman

    Sorry we missed you guys. Strong ride though!

  11. Larry P.
    Larry Peters

    Very good!

  12. Janita P.
    Janita Poe (2017 Team HERevolution)

    Ced, I'm hanging out across the pond (Paris) this summer. Catch you next go round!