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Everyone told me to try the cookie in Ward and it's a 6/10

  • 39.6mi
  • 4,829ft
  • 2:35:04
    Moving Time
  • 1,975
  • 52
    Suffer Score


  1. Loco Flahute

    Better in Ned but best @ Kind caffe Estes Pk

  2. Harris F.

    Pastries at the Purple Door is what you're lookin for

  3. Jared V.

    Ward cookies are good cmon Phil :)

  4. Brad C.

    High altitude cookies just can't be any good!

  5. E T Rexa M.

    You should come to Phil Collins and get the Rist Canyon KOM

  6. Bill Bove RAPHA Poser On A Wal-Mart Bike

    Are you going for the Super James and Super Flag KOMs? 2nd on The Purple Door cookie.

  7. Timothy R.

    Rist KOM, Fort Collins.

  8. Mike B

    yes, but the service is 10/10

  9. Doug Small T.

    where is the 10/10 cookie?

  10. Daryl H.

    Everytime I eat a cookie before or after a ride I think of you. I know It's weird. I'm sorry.

  11. Zack Williams

    I went to Cafe Solterra on Jekyll Island and felt the same way 😕

  12. Matt McHugh

    Sorry but when cookies have to be wrapped in plastic, that's a bad sign.

  13. Travy Furman

    Agreed, Ward cookies are overrated. Like the cookie cabin.

  14. We A.

    at least the oatmeal raisin cookies were properly labeled #triggered

  15. Sean Magee

    Trail ridge, evans, pikes. Take those KOM's!

  16. Elliott Leslie

    I want to see u beat dope-era JV up Mt Evans, I'd bet he does too!

  17. Yip Yip