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Avalon Sunrise audax with Huw, Bruce and James. Great company and teamwork!

  • 254.7mi
  • 12,789ft
  • 16:16:26
    Moving Time
  • 8,495


  1. Sue Parker

    Well done all of you... awesome ride.

  2. Amy Andrews

    Iain, you are amazing!! It's completely crazy that you cycled 254 miles in one sitting, but I am in admiration for your efforts. Incredible!!

  3. Matt P.

    Wow OMG how long would it take you from lands end to Jon O'Groats 😳👍🏻well done buddy 😊

  4. Amy Andrews

    Well done Huw, Bruce and James as well! Amazing!!

  5. Tony S.

    Fantastic effort mate. Well done. Tsl

  6. Iain Garside

    Thanks Matt, well I don't think I would get anywhere near the likes of Dereck Cutler , who did it unsupported in 5 days. Getting up the next day and doing it all over again is another level of commitment. 200 Miles in one day might seem scary, but with a hot bath and beer at the end and a few days off afterwards, its all contained within the day so the end is in sight! Having said that, its amazing how much you can build up to in one day, especially if you don't stop too often or for too long. I am a big believer in long distances, I think they make you more economical, big rides make medium rides feel easy, and I also think they make you a lot faster. Nice to ride with you last week, and its amazing how still you sit on the bike, all that Pilates makes a big difference, I reckon..

  7. Iain Garside

    Cheers Tony, I keep looking at all the intervals you do and telling myself I need to get down to it. From your tt results, its obviously doing a lot of good! Might have to get a smart turbo this winter!!

  8. David Sheppy

    You crazy. CRAZY dude!!!

  9. Tony S.

    If you like to see long distance riding follow Steve Abraham 220 ish miles every single day.

  10. John H.

    Well done Ian. I'm in awe. 👍

  11. Chris G.

    Congratulations on a fantastic ride. Seriously amazing achievement, chapeau.

  12. Alan Mackenzie

    Amazing! Well done all of you! :-)

  13. Adrian H.

    Well done Iain.

  14. Steve "Butty" M.

    Well done dude, awesome miles

  15. Stephen W.

    Top effort. .

  16. Ben (Turners Cycles)

    Awsome. Well done Iain! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  17. Paul H.

    Very impressive, Iain, well done...!!

  18. Richard A.

    Well done Iain great ride

  19. Mike F.

    Great ride Iain. That's more than a weeks riding in one go.

  20. Jez S.

    Hurt locker... 👍