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Too Damn Hot!! Good ride with Team IBIS n Bender

  • 16.5mi
  • 1,567ft
  • 2:00:13
    Moving Time
  • 638


  1. J C.
    J Coldpack

    It was already hi 80s by 9 or so today! Drink tons of water lol!!

  2. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    Yep, did that. Now drinking a beer at Trail House:) I'm going to hit the trails tomorrow too, but I'm thinking ride way earlier!!! Going to be hotter tomorrow!!

  3. J C.
    J Coldpack

    Lol! Too many beers last night didn't help me much.... Yes, early is good plan! Maybe I can ride early before my boy wakes....hmmmm... take care Amy!

  4. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    lol Hahahah. Maybe I'll see ya on the trails tomorrow am!! Have a great rest of your day!!

  5. Bill S.
    Bill S.

    Mid-ride swim in Illsanjo!

  6. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    Nice Bill! I'm going to swim next time!!

  7. Terrie Z.
    Terrie Z.

    So good to see you guys out there!

  8. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    It was so good to see you guys too!! So happy your back on the saddle! Thanks for clearing ridge too with the clippers!!! Hahah. Have a blast tomorrow!!!