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Denver Century / GOGO

  • 100.2mi
  • 6,129ft
  • 7:36:16
    Moving Time


  1. Mark Janosky

    Wow! Nice ride, impressive. What's the max speed record of an E-Go...you did 41.8 mph?!

  2. Steve L. (ElliptiGO & runner)

    Thanks Mark! I hit 49 pretty regularly on some sections where I'm using the brakes a little. Chris Zito posted he hit 57 which is the fastest I've heard of.

  3. Mark Janosky

    57!!! Whoa, that's scary for me. Also, thanks for sharing all the great pix. Well done.

  4. Steve L. (ElliptiGO & runner)

    Not bad for one handed shots while riding, eh? 😉 There were a lot of other great shots I wish I could have taken, pretty cool ride overall.