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Terrible 200k.....winner winner chicken dinner :)

  • 131.8mi
  • 12,297ft
  • 8:24:55
    Moving Time
  • 6,370


  1. Den B.
    Den B.


  2. Jason C.
    Jason C.


  3. Derek E.
    Derek Eysenbach

    PRs late in the day. Sweet.

  4. Joe H.
    Joe H.

    Thanks guy!
    First win for me too. Seriously hard day. Of course I had to ride there and then ride home, #notsosmart

  5. Tim N.
    Tim N.

    well done!!

  6. Kirk M.
    kirk martin

    Sick travels! Damn Joe

  7. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    Well Done!!!

  8. Erik S.
    Erik Smart

    Nice! Good job!

  9. Alanna K.
    Alanna K

    Nice work!!!

  10. Eric B.
    Eric Blackburn

    Wow your awesome epically on such a hot day

  11. Ryno S.
    Ryno S.

    Boom! Nice job dude! Must of been a hard day!

  12. Doug W.
    Doug Wagner

    Beautiful ride... Was it peaceful and smooth? I saw you go up Ft. Ross and you looked strong....

  13. Joe H.
    Joe H.

    Thanks everyone! Doug Wagner I saw you too, thanks for radioing in that motorcycle crash. The day was pretty smooth till after I saw you at fort ross. That climb in the heat was nuts. Going from 70F on the coast to 95F in just a mile was hard. I really faded hard up boho hwy though and got a slight second wind once past occidental and the win within my sights :)

  14. Patrick Y.
    Patrick Y.

    Congrats Joe, glad you're back!