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Manitou Revenge DNF

  • 30.4mi
  • 7,264ft
  • 8:32:30
    Moving Time
  • 20:42/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,481


  1. Casey F.
    Casey F.

    Nice shots! Just a training run for ES!

  2. Jim C.
    Jim C.

    I'm dizzy looking at the profile of the course. I know that area...my best friend has a house 1 mile from your start. I know enough to stay on the roads when I'm up there. :) Great job pushing yourself through the hell to that point.

  3. Jaime R.
    Jaime RoseⓋ

    Sorry about the DNF, but incredible job!!

  4. Jaime R.
    Jaime RoseⓋ

    Ps you amaze me with those hills! I think the 1500 on trexler is killer lol

  5. Don R.
    Don Riley

    Nice work Bryan,. If it were easy you wouldn't be out there!

  6. Red Kat K.
    Red Kat K.

    Nice training run for ES!!

  7. Al S.
    Al Storie

    You are very inspiring, looking forward to meeting you at Oil Creek

  8. Rudy S.
    Rudy Shepherd

    I walked all night in NYC, this seems a much more appropriate way to train for ES. Nice work! and nice photos, epic!

  9. Bryan S.
    Bryan Slotterbach

    Casey Fisher RedKat K yes the bright side right? Jim Conley those trails are carved by the devil! 👿 Jaime RoseⓋ thanks that's ultrarunning. And Trex has good hills just different. 😉Don Riley thanks Riley. Come with me next year, you must see these trails! Rudy Shepherd thanks man!

  10. Todd L.
    Todd Lewis

    What a day that was!! Great training for E.S.

  11. Bryan S.
    Bryan Slotterbach

    Todd Lewis haha right? That place is hardcore man

  12. Philip P.
    Philip Pagdanganan

    Next year man.