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flat tire, thunderstorm, headwinds, copious low blood sugars. Still better than working

  • 116.4km
  • 869m
  • 4:45:32
    Moving Time
  • 2,322
  • 215
    Suffer Score


  1. Charlie S.
    Charlie Scully

    And still a great ride despite all that well done

  2. Jeff  D.
    Jeff Diamanti

    The wind and rain was a but more than I bargained for

  3. Chris S.
    chris scully

    @Jeff, yeah me too. I left at 6am to get to the Guelph Tri for the start to watch a friend. Man that wind was brutal on the way home. Sucked the life out of me! @Charlie, thanks. I miss the old days of having time to spend this many hours on a bike.

  4. Jason R.
    Jason Rose

    You must be a pro at flat changes and a master at patching..lol. Nice ride though.

  5. Chris S.
    chris scully

    Jason Rose no kidding. I've had so many flats recently that we ran out of CO2 cartridges here at home. Currently I have two bikes hanging on the wall with 3 flats that need fixing.