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flat tire, thunderstorm, headwinds, copious low blood sugars. Still better than working

  • 116.4km
  • 869m
  • 4:45:32
    Moving Time
  • 2,322


  1. Charlie Scully

    And still a great ride despite all that well done

  2. Jeff Diamanti

    The wind and rain was a but more than I bargained for

  3. chris scully

    @Jeff, yeah me too. I left at 6am to get to the Guelph Tri for the start to watch a friend. Man that wind was brutal on the way home. Sucked the life out of me! @Charlie, thanks. I miss the old days of having time to spend this many hours on a bike.

  4. Jason Rose

    You must be a pro at flat changes and a master at patching..lol. Nice ride though.

  5. chris scully

    Jason Rose no kidding. I've had so many flats recently that we ran out of CO2 cartridges here at home. Currently I have two bikes hanging on the wall with 3 flats that need fixing.