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Father's Day Torture Session (Complete with Two Rolled Ankles)

  • 12.6mi
  • 2,991ft
  • 2:40:05
    Moving Time
  • 12:37/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,476


  1. Patrick Pezzati

    Hai fatto la gara? Tortura magnifica, comunque!

  2. Lauren Eastman

    Great job! Ice those ankles!

  3. Scott B.

    Great stuff! Hope the ankles aren't too bad!

  4. Andrés Wilson

    Patrick Pezzati si l'ho fatta, ma ho rotolatto una caviglia nella prima discesa lunga e dovevo correre ad andatura per tutto il resto. Comunque il panoramo 'e stato magnifico. Grazie!

  5. Andrés Wilson

    Lauren Eastman Scott Burch thanks! It's by far the most beautiful and varied trail race that I have done. On another note, I went to Mass Moca afterward with the fam and as much as I love that place, the walking was excruciating!

  6. Sébastien Audoux

    Bravo Andrés 👏 mal aux jambes ce matin ???😉

  7. John McCarthy

    Great job and quick healing. I was planning on that race but a lower back issue kept me on the road(less twisting). Best race for the price. Lets get together when you heal for a trail run

  8. Andrés Wilson

    Sébastien Audoux Merci! Les jambes vont bien, mais malheureusement j'ai une mauvaise entorse a la cheville 😲😲😲😲.

  9. Andrés Wilson

    John McCarthy thanks! I hope your back has been feeling better. Yes, amazing race, and very affordable.I had planned on it but didn't really train as I should have. When the day came, I decided to do it anyway thinking I might not get another chance if we don't live here next year.

  10. Carolina Castro

    Wow! Great pic! 😎