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Ride n swim! Hawt as Fu*k

  • 15.9mi
  • 1,702ft
  • 37:28
    Moving Time
  • 177


  1. Mike A.
    Mike A.

    It is a scorcher out there again today. Nice ride!

  2. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    Thank you! This heat tho is cutting my rides short. Hahah

  3. Mike A.
    Mike A.

    I did a short recovery ride this morning then thought I would run as well but the heat was just too much for me in Ro Po. I will be escaping the heat with some indoor activities today.

  4. The Biking  V.
    The Biking V.

    How did you do 15 miles in 37 minutes. So fast

  5. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    I wish I could say I really rode that fast, my phone over heated so for some reason the timing is way off!! Hahah

  6. The Biking  V.
    The Biking V.

    Damn just take the credit haha

  7. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    Yeah, no shit huh!! I guess new bikes will do that for ya👑😂

  8. The Biking  V.
    The Biking V.

    Especially enduros! Although I will say after being forced to ride my enduro I miss my camber. Shred on!🤘🏻

  9. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    Lol hahha. I don't miss my Bronson, but that's only because the set up I had, and it not being carbon. I heart my Enduro and I am loving the super long travel and it's so damn light. Happy trails! 🚵🏿😉🤘

  10. J C.
    J Coldpack

    You rock!

  11. Amy B.
    Amy Blue

    Thank you J Coldpack🤘