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Ride n swim! Hawt as Fu*k

  • 15.9mi
  • 1,702ft
  • 37:28
    Moving Time
  • 177


  1. Mike A.

    It is a scorcher out there again today. Nice ride!

  2. A BLUE

    Thank you! This heat tho is cutting my rides short. Hahah

  3. Mike A.

    I did a short recovery ride this morning then thought I would run as well but the heat was just too much for me in Ro Po. I will be escaping the heat with some indoor activities today.

  4. The Biking V.

    How did you do 15 miles in 37 minutes. So fast

  5. A BLUE

    I wish I could say I really rode that fast, my phone over heated so for some reason the timing is way off!! Hahah

  6. The Biking V.

    Damn just take the credit haha

  7. A BLUE

    Yeah, no shit huh!! I guess new bikes will do that for ya👑😂

  8. The Biking V.

    Especially enduros! Although I will say after being forced to ride my enduro I miss my camber. Shred on!🤘🏻

  9. A BLUE

    Lol hahha. I don't miss my Bronson, but that's only because the set up I had, and it not being carbon. I heart my Enduro and I am loving the super long travel and it's so damn light. Happy trails! 🚵🏿😉🤘

  10. J Coldpack

    You rock!

  11. A BLUE

    Thank you J Coldpack🤘