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Fun Hills in Saratoga: Bohlman-On Orbit-Mt Eden-Montebello+RWG

  • 37.1mi
  • 6,224ft
  • 3:18:26
    Moving Time
  • 1,660


  1. David K.
    David K.

    How did the rest of the ride go? I died partway up Montebello.

  2. Rachel H.
    Rachel H.

    I wondered what happened! Kim-Son was waiting for us at the top of Montebello. RWG seemed easier than normal but probably because I was going so slow.

  3. Kris R.
    Kris Resellmo

    You are a beast, Rachel!

  4. Marshall J.
    Marshall Jackson

    Congrats Rachel! You beat gravity today! Gravity held me firmly on the sofa watching football. Way to go, Niners!

  5. Robert S.
    Robert Sexton

    Excellent work!

  6. Kim Son N.
    Kim Son N.

    Amazing ride, Rachel! I hope I'll be half as strong as you some day.

  7. Eduardo A.
    Eduardo A.

    Wow... always impressive.

  8. Steve C.
    Steve C.

    @MJ ... we got back in time to enjoy the cliff-hanger 2nd half, all the way to Dawson's finale 3-pointer ... awesome finish, eh? It was like that chasing Rachel and Chip up RWG at the end of a long ride ... nearing the top of RWGulch, we knew the pain would all be over soon.

  9. Jenny S.
    Jenny S.

    Nice collections, again!