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Sunday night mtb 😁

  • 12.7mi
  • 2,425ft
  • 1:21:59
    Moving Time
  • 772


  1. Kevin S.
    kevin simpson

    On fire!!!!

  2. Steven S.
    Steven Simpson

    Enjoying the sunshine

  3. Duncan C.
    Duncan Cox

    Hah cheers kev! needing to start hitting the climbing been to many flat miles lately cracking weather the now Steven! Good day out for you and the Mrs!

  4. Matthew P.
    Matthew P.

    Good ride, lad!

  5. Duncan C.
    Duncan Cox

    Cheers Matt

  6. Wayne C.
    Wayne Cuthbert

    Now that's a photo pal...just awesome 👏

  7. Duncan C.
    Duncan Cox

    Was braw up the Lomond's last night mate

  8. Bobby M.
    Bobby Matthew

    Decent climbing there coxy

  9. Thomas M.
    Thomas M.

    Solid ride Dunc. Good climbing but the Kom on brake test is proper mad! Get on!

  10. Duncan C.
    Duncan Cox

    Haha cheers Tommy it was a bit flat oot coming down not much braking at all haha no where near your climbing skills!