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Faaaaahk. Can't fake heat adaptation forever. Second half sweaty struggle

  • 16.1mi
  • 1:58:22
    Moving Time
  • 7:20/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,622


  1. Barrett Scott


  2. Drew Shattuck

    Nice work Kassandra! Humidity made it tough for sure!💪🏼

  3. Eufrasia Raiani

    Brava Kassandra*****

  4. Kassandra Marin

    Haven't sweat like that since I moved from Atlanta!

  5. No Fucks G.

    I loose a couple of pounds on every run regardless of distance down here. The soup is real.

  6. Kassandra Marin

    Man I really regretted not bringing my handheld. Only thing getting me through the miles were knowing where the water fountains were. I want to lay down and die in a pool of Gatorade now please.

  7. Drew Shattuck

    Fruit punch flavor, I hope! 😉

  8. Kassandra Marin

    Drew Shattuck - I go by colors for Gatorade since some flavors... well I'm not sure there was any logic involved in assigning name/color/flavor. But red! I had a red one 😅

  9. Drew Shattuck

    Lol!! There was no logic in my response either😊 I had the same humid run this morning too and was craving a fruit punch Gatorade (red) at mile 3... You're pace was fast for 16! Nice work!😊