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Parade Group - Burnham, very hot when stopped, nice chatty ride with a few efforts

  • 64.2mi
  • 1,234ft
  • 3:32:07
    Moving Time
  • 2,089


  1. Amy Andrews

    Iain, you are incapable of resting! :-) Great ride!!


    welcome back marathon man, tell us what runs through your veins ? hardly any rest after 250mls and you're still better than most of us - not fair !

  3. Iain Garside

    Thanks Amy, well Eric, if its anything its the miles not me! And just bear in mind that up Adsborough Hill, even though I set a pb, i was 7 seconds behind your best time!

  4. Marino G

    You can't be using a Garmin Iain for your rides, it never seems to fail.!

  5. Iain Garside

    Good point Marino, I have an 820 and and old edge touring plus , both have been trouble free but I have heard of numerous problems with 1000s and 810s! Just been lucky I guess!

  6. Stephen W.

    Iain how do u manage the Garmin power on some of your extensively long rides? Do u take a portable USB power bank and power up at stops?

  7. Iain Garside

    Hi Stephen, I use a power bank as you say (I got it from Maplin for £25). On long rides it sits in a bag on my top tube so I can charge my garmin on the move. My edge touring plus battery will normally only last for 100 miles when using navigation so the booster pack is invaluable. Sometimes the Garmin tries to turn itself off when charging, although thinking about it, that hasnt happened for a while so maybe a firmware upgrade fixed that issue.

  8. Stephen W.

    Cool ..I may look into getting a smaller one than I have at present..although the large one came in handy for my brother and I last year in France..like the idea of charge on the move. Cheers