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국립영천호국원 [순국선열과 호국영령들의 명복을 빕니다.]

  • 162.9km
  • 993m
  • 7:44:15
    Moving Time
  • 5,207


  1. Evandro D.

    아름다운 곳 ... 하나님은 당신을 축복 👊🏻🚴🏼

  2. "자전거" 차그다

    Muito obrigado. Você também recebe um monte de bênçãos.

  3. Jeffery Han

    I grow up there in Daegu... almost 50years ago. Glad to hear from someone in my hometown.

  4. "자전거" 차그다

    Jeffery Han - Daegu Metropolitan City has developed a lot. There are many beautiful spaces. Then a similar age? ..

  5. Naduli R Ⓥ

    Tough ride!!

  6. "자전거" 차그다

    Naduli R Ⓥ - Thank you. I will do my best due to my competition with me.

  7. Jeffery Han

    Glad to see you going strong. Age is just numbers. Hope to visit beautiful city Daegu someday.
    늘 safe 하게 타세요.

  8. "자전거" 차그다

    Jeffery Han - Thank you. We are always healthy and safe, even if we are old. Daegu bicycle road is well, I ride well ... For health

  9. Jose Ramon Fructuoso

    It's beautiful. Una maravilla.

  10. "자전거" 차그다

    Jose Ramon Fructuoso - Merci. Passez une bonne journée ~