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국립영천호국원 [순국선열과 호국영령들의 명복을 빕니다.]

  • 162.9km
  • 993m
  • 7:44:15
    Moving Time
  • 5,207


  1.  Evandro D.
    Evandro D'SOUZA 🇧🇷

    아름다운 곳 ... 하나님은 당신을 축복 👊🏻🚴🏼

  2.     "Mtb" 자.
    "MTB" 자전거여행

    Muito obrigado. Você também recebe um monte de bênçãos.

  3. Jeffery H.
    Jeffery Han

    I grow up there in Daegu... almost 50years ago. Glad to hear from someone in my hometown.

  4.     "Mtb" 자.
    "MTB" 자전거여행

    Jeffery Han - Daegu Metropolitan City has developed a lot. There are many beautiful spaces. Then a similar age? ..

  5. Naduli R.
    Naduli R Ⓥ

    Tough ride!!

  6.     "Mtb" 자.
    "MTB" 자전거여행

    Naduli R Ⓥ - Thank you. I will do my best due to my competition with me.

  7. Jeffery H.
    Jeffery Han

    Glad to see you going strong. Age is just numbers. Hope to visit beautiful city Daegu someday.
    늘 safe 하게 타세요.

  8.     "Mtb" 자.
    "MTB" 자전거여행

    Jeffery Han - Thank you. We are always healthy and safe, even if we are old. Daegu bicycle road is well, I ride well ... For health

  9. Jose Ramon F.
    Jose Ramon Fructuoso

    It's beautiful. Una maravilla.

  10.     "Mtb" 자.
    "MTB" 자전거여행

    Jose Ramon Fructuoso - Merci. Passez une bonne journée ~