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Lakeside Shoreline

  • 16.7km
  • 195m
  • 1:12:33
    Moving Time
  • 610


  1. Peter M.

    That didn't take long - back in the saddle on home turf already!

  2. Tony Poutsma

    Welcome home Neil, I will miss seeing all those far away places with strange unpronounceable names.

  3. Neil Ennis

    You and me both, Tony. But keep an eye on my blog. I have a few more overseas posts to do, and will recap Iceland one more time in a month or so. There are a lot more stories to tell, and I'd like to record them for my own sake while they're still fresh in my mind.

  4. Neil Ennis

    Peter - a few weeks ago in Iceland I sent a video to myself about this regular loop. Something like "Think about this view while you're doing your regular dam loop". It was good to get out today, but it was sad to accept the reality thatr the long trip was over. Why don't you come with me to Iceland next time?

  5. Peter M.

    Must admit it looked fantastic although I might be in the same unfamiliar position as you were in Scotland on a road bike- skinny tyres and all. Not sure off-road is for me but I would love to see Iceland!