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Could someone crack a beer on my behalf please? 🍺

Ride June 23, 2017
  • 181.8mi
  • 8,727ft
  • 9:03:03
    Moving Time
  • 7,314
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  1. Carl Kendal

    Amazing effort!!!!!!

  2. Andy G.

    Wow, awesome mate. I think I'm having one later it'll be for you ha.

  3. Will H.

    I'm on it 🍺!

  4. Stu B.

    Me to..! 🍻Well done!

  5. ToNy-ChUcK- HiNdLe

    Wowzer !!! great effort Ross 🍺🍺 Cheers πŸ˜‹

  6. Andy Whiteside

    Woowsers ! That was me pipping my horn this morning on the A6 near Dewly. Then I pipped again near the Bellflower late this afternoon. Thought to myself then "sheesh, Ross must've done a monster today" I wasn't wrong!

  7. Ross Malpass

    Cheers guys! 🍻. Haha Andy Whiteside I remember horns sounding although I was oblivious to where they came from, but thanks! Don't even have a clue where bellflower is :), but fuck me that ride home has finished me off.

  8. John B.

    Super impressive Ross πŸ‘

  9. George Hutchinson


  10. Tom N.

    Love it

  11. Paul Baillie

    Properly impressive Ross

  12. Tom N.

    Reckon you need to do an ironman with this and your running pace

  13. Joe M.

    At least a double Tom Nicholls

  14. Ross Malpass

    Tom Nicholls this was actually a bit of a recce for something i'm contemplating in six weeks or so ;)

  15. Joe M.

    I guessed that Ross Malpass when you did a similar route the other week.

  16. Sean Bickerdike

    Great ride. Keep building. β›°β›°β›°

  17. Ian Sibbert

    Brilliant ride Ross !! Always an inspiration Pal!!!

  18. Aidan C.

    Awesome Ross, I didn't cycle up to Penrith as it was raining. Inspirational cycling chapeau πŸ‘

  19. John C.

    Holy shitballs top effort mate πŸ’ͺ

  20. Steve Pomfret

    Saw the mileage and then the avg speed and thought it was a top effort. Must have been a pancake flat ride though I thought, then clocked the elevation, 8700ft! That's some going that Ross, top marks πŸ‘πŸ»

  21. John H.

    this was a recce for something else???

  22. Ross Malpass

    Ha, yeah John. I've been keeping pretty quiet about it, because it's such a big ride and I'm still not sure if I'll manage to put everything in place to prepare for it, but I want to have a go at the National Three Peaks by bike record (currently stands at around 42 hours). On this ride, from the A6 in Broughton, all the way up to the place I turned around is some of the route. Actually route will be from Snowdon up to Scafell Pike, then from there up to Fort William. So I'd still have another 240 or so miles to do after! And of course a quick hike in between. I'm just going to see how I feel and if I can get everything organised, but Im going to train as if it's going ahead and see what happens.

  23. Anthony R.

    That's just made me feel sick reading that Ross Malpass. Every credit if you get it done.

  24. Shaun Pearson

    Wow!!! Mega ride, mentally & physically strong πŸš΄πŸ‘

  25. Matthew Holyoak


  26. John H.

    Holy shit Ross, that IS a challenge, good luck πŸ‘

  27. Boz -

    Awesome effort Ross.

  28. Matt Moorhouse

    Now that's some bloody ride!