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Coast to Coast 2017

  • 147.7mi
  • 11,286ft
  • 8:10:40
    Moving Time
  • 6,975


  1. Dave Chalk

    Wow... impressive stuff Kev!

  2. Terry O'Donnell

    The word awesome is used lightly but it's deserved in this case. Awesome Kev Awesome

  3. kenny harding

    Well done Kev another outstanding ride 18.1 average wow

  4. Michael T.

    Chapeau Kev.

  5. Gary Witton

    Great riding! Impressed.

  6. Ross M.

    Well done you legend!

  7. Gary Jones

    Great ride Kev, strong performance from someone who almost dropped out at the first feed station!
    And a pleasure to have your company for the WHOLE ride 😀. Thanks for the tow.

  8. Jason B.

    King of the Fobbles!

  9. Dave Chalk

    Hey Kev... how about a story of you momentous day for the website?... post here http://cyclingcenturions.com/guest/ or just send me something