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Open Cycling C2C 2017

  • 148.2mi
  • 13,484ft
  • 8:12:36
    Moving Time
  • 7,505
  • 527
    Relative Effort


  1. Dave Chalk

    Awesome average Gary, impressive stuff 💪

  2. alex b

    Yep - superb!

  3. Andy M.

    Very well done Sir

  4. Gary Jones

    Thanks Dave Chalk, but Nancy has now taken to calling me 'average Gary'

  5. Megan Lennox

    Wow - you burnt over 7,500 kcal. That is one giant slice of cake. Well done Gary.

  6. Megan Lennox

    Also I got bored scrolling down through all the medals and PBs you got in the event!

  7. Michael T.

    Chapeau Gary.

  8. Dave Chalk


  9. Jason B.

    Did you go back and do extra reps of Hardknott? You climbed much more than everyone else 😂

  10. Dave Chalk

    Hey Gary... how another story for the website?... post here http://cyclingcenturions.com/guest/ or just send me something