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Jamie Junker

Banff, Alberta, Canada
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    Activities in 2019
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    kilometers Run in 2019
  • 388

Mount Louis with Ison

Run June 26, 2017
  • 17.9km
  • 1,763m
  • 3:23:42
    Moving Time
  • 11:21/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,454
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  1. Ruchel S.
    Ruchel S.

    Cool photos! Look at those chimneys!!

  2. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    It's a big one!!! Thanks :)

  3. Yoga B.
    Yoga B.

    Have you done that one before?

  4. Mike Blarowski
    Mike Blarowski

    Nice work. Which route did you guys climb?

  5. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Yoga Bum nope!!! Have always wanted to. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would be so soon

  6. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Thanks Mike Blarowski! We took the Kain with a 'Japanese Variation'. There was a party of 3 ahead of us who we determined to exercise their 'we got up earlier' rights to the route ha ha. Shane was letting me lead and giving me pointers on gear placements so naturally I just followed those chaps willy nilly. After 4 pitches Shane got us back on track ha ha!!

  7. Oleg T
    Oleg T

    That is as classic an ascent as they come, congrats Jamie.

  8. Mike Blarowski
    Mike Blarowski

    That's awesome Jamie, way to go on this classic.

  9. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Thanks Oleg T.!! Read 'Where the Clouds Can Go' last winter, was really special to experience such a classic line knowing its history and 'author'. Such an amazing time!

  10. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    And line!


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