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Clear Mountain trying to keep up with Harrison

  • 28.0km
  • 535m
  • 1:45:42
    Moving Time
  • 1,228


  1. Clare B.

    Welcome home!

  2. Neil Ennis

    Thanks! (I think). Travel is painfully good, isn't it?

  3. Clare B.

    So good! I leave for Nederlands and Hungary Friday week.

  4. Neil Ennis

    We loved our time in Amsterdam.

  5. Sue L.

    NEIL!!! Welcome back! Its been awesome seeing your pics of your trip. Would love to catch up and chat about it (maybe over a ride...) I remember the first time I met you, you asked me what it was about travelling that I love so much... I guess you know now! (that was up the top of Wirth Road, riding towards Jacky Creek Road... remember that ride??

  6. Neil Ennis

    Hi Sue. I'm glad you liked the pictures. That's more evidence that it wasn't a dream. Yes I remember that ride. It was fun. Let's catch up soon, any time suits me, especially if it's on wheels :)