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Prevū of the WEDŪ Aspen FIFTY. Race is 9/17. Registration opening next week!

  • 46.1mi
  • 6,431ft
  • 4:10:39
    Moving Time
  • 2,759


  1. Patrick Doyle

    you ever make the conversion to plant based foods. I did just about a month ago. After watching Engine #2, very sound stuff.

  2. Old but Slow

    This is a good loop. I'm going to steal it.

  3. Robert Traphan

    Nice climbing Lance. We do a Sunday Relaxer Ride with the Montgomery Bicycle Club. Your average speed on this ride would be great for a Sunday Relaxer Ride minus all the climbing.

  4. Michael McEvoy

    Loving the TDF podcasts..priceless

  5. David Crabtree

    All over the Stages Podcast - Loving it.

  6. Mark Webb

    Fantastic Podcasts, cheers.

  7. Mark Harris

    Donald Rucker -Patapsco Bicycles (Ambadon) this looks like something you would enjoy

  8. Lance Armstrong


  9. Allan clark

    Looks like MTB race??

  10. jeffrey sowa

    Hey Lance Im Jeff sowa good friends of steve mudgett Ive built up a dr frankenstein bike that i think u would tear it up on that course u just did Its a combo between a cross and Mnt bike Its awesome and like 17lb U can see pics of it on my strava Iv been tearing up on the knarliest downhill, mnt trails, fireroads and roads Without give away to much of this bike, if your interested, drop me a comment here on strava and ill send u my number or email Ill love to send the bike out to you to get your thoughts tx jeff

  11. Matt L.

    Thanks for your support of RFMBA. I'll be marshalling again this year.

  12. Juan Escobar

    Enjoyed you Stages Podcast about TDF. Happy you are doing it.

  13. Mark Phannenstiel

    Digging the relive app! Gonna see one 4 Leadville?

  14. Bryan Meyerhofer

    We crossed you and Tejay(?) on Brush Creek today....any chance Independence Pass is in the plans tomorrow?

  15. Daniel Warming

    stages podcast is titties 👍

  16. George Castillo

    Train by day, STAGES PODCAST by night, all day!!!

  17. Enrique G.

    Keep it up champ

  18. Tihomir Vrhoci


  19. Fabio Xavier

    I am a fan of you.You are for me the biggest cyclist in the world and all time.Thank you for sharing your life for us cycling through the strava.

  20. Jon Harrach

    Lance, check out the "the cougar slayer" race. It's the weekend before. Very similar type event. You should come out.

  21. Matt Muyres

    in france?

  22. Kenny Marus

    Justin Hamilton we should do this

  23. Justin Hamilton

    Kenny Marus yes!! Fat tire or skinny tire?

  24. Kenny Marus

    Justin Hamilton fat!

  25. The M.

    This is the biggest cheater in history