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Nick Wilkinson

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
  • 1
    Activity in 2019
  • 341.2
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 154

Conington 50 — Riding tempo on fixed-gear in the heat

Ride July 8, 2017
  • 57.6km
  • 187m
  • 1:56:41
    Moving Time
  • 1,098
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  1. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    42 minutes at threshold - you have a talent for suffering! (a most useful talent)

  2. Nick Wilkinson
    Nick Wilkinson

    I didn't realise I was riding a bit harder than tempo, it all felt okay. I can do that on and off for maybe 80-100km and then I haven't got the fitness to get my HR that high and my speed tends to drop steadily to the 24-26kph range (average moving). Disappointed I didn't get into Z5 at all — but I think my cardio's ahead of my legs at the moment; alternatively the zones are set up wrongly for me — it's all the kind of mad-science you're so good at, Mr Brown ;D

    I agree it's quite useful — it makes hooning around with a group of quick riders at the beginning of a long ride a lot of fun, until the legs turn to jelly ...

  3. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    I guess you're still too tired from your previous effort to get to Z5. You're damaging yourself - which is good as with the repairs your body makes in the rest days you get fitter ...

  4. dimitri span
    dimitri span

    Well done.... good ride! ... You are using the Garmin Edge 1000 plus heart strap, and it's pretty accurate at determining max heart rate. When you exceed your previous max, you get a message on the Edge 1000 giving you new Max heart rate (you get thsi when you end the ride, save and view the summary) .... you then need to update your Strava max heart rate. If you don't update it on your Strava settings, Strava uses their own formula (220-age I think) .... A quick way to get your max heart rate is to do a sprint on an uphill for 3-5 minutes .... give it your best and check the max heart rate. My stats on my Edge 1000 are totally different to what Strava works out. I also have Stravastix connected to my Strava which also gives some extra statistics

  5. Nick Wilkinson
    Nick Wilkinson

    Interesting points, Dmitri. I hit 185 fairly recently, so it's not 220-age for me (by that calc it would be lower). And as it naturally declines with age then the "auto" feature is flawed unless it "resets" regularly. Strava is set to 180 — therefore, at the higher max then I would've spent less time in threshold zone according to Strava. But I reckon it is declining as it's rare I get up to 180 these days, but I put that down to not being strong enough in the legs to stress my CV system to that level. Not that it worries me too much, as I'm not a performance cyclist :)


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