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  • 99.9mi
  • 6,524ft
  • 6:36:38
    Moving Time
  • 4,252


  1. Cody H.
    Cody Haddock

    Man that looks like an awesome ride. How much of it was gravel?

  2. Cale C.
    Cale C.

    Wow hardcore!

  3. Cale C.
    Cale C.

    What bike is that you rode CX?

  4. Randy D.
    Randy D.

    Just the 3 miles of benton springs road up chilhowee mountain. I was hoping for a bit more but the road at the top of the mountain is mostly paved, although I imagine there is quite a bit of gravel to the east deeper in the cherokee national forest but I've never explored this section.

  5. Randy D.
    Randy D.

    I was on a "gravel bike" which is just a cx bike with clearance for 50mm tires. It's a 2016 diamondback haanjo comp, nice bike but a little too stiff to be really perfect. I've been using 700x35 tires, they seem to work pretty well for everything except singletrack and riding gravel at race speeds.

  6. Cale C.
    Cale C.

    I may have asked you but are you doing Fools Gold?

  7. Randy D.
    Randy D.


  8. Cale C.
    Cale C.

    man I gotta train more then if I wanna hang :)