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Dunwich Dynamo with David

  • 433.7km
  • 2,890m
  • 15:57:33
    Moving Time
  • 8,321
  • 423
    Relative Effort


  1. Stephen Ryner Jr.

    Good Lord Mr. Jones. What was the total time for the 16 hours of riding?

  2. Terry Jones

    Stephen - 25 hours. Stopped to pick up David, stop for dinner, stopped en route, stopped the beach for 4 hours (including 2 hours trying to sleep), stop for breakfast, for a bit of lunch on the side of the road etc. A long day :-)

  3. Richard N.


  4. Gary S.

    Such a great atmosphere, I've a story to tell, got there eventually, swim in the sea was wonderful, think I was 2 miles off 300.

  5. Stephen Ryner Jr.

    And I thought the train ride from London to Cambridge was long…

  6. Martian Cioana

    Well done Terry!! looking forward to meet you soon ;)

  7. Terry Jones

    Thanks Martian - me too. You're going to (deservedly) smash the TCR, I have a feeling :-) I will be watching from afar!

  8. Terry Jones

    Richard - the overnight DD part was a ton of fun... thousands of cyclists, very nice route, great atmosphere. You should do it with Sue in 2018, then maybe get the train back from Ipswich.

  9. Richard N.

    Thanks Terry, something to consider for next year