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ESE Ridge (Lady Mac)

Run July 9, 2017
  • 11.2km
  • 1,271m
  • 2:20:04
    Moving Time
  • 12:24/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,679
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  1. Kendra Barrick

    Amazing climb team!!!!

  2. Jamie Junker

    Thanks Kendra!!!! :)

  3. Paulo Dambacher

    Nice! Did you use rope? How hard it is?

  4. Mike Blarowski

    I like this one. And so close to the house!

  5. Jamie Junker

    Paulo Dambacher thanks! Yes, we pitched out that first climb onto the ridge proper and one other exposed section. Some are comfortable soloing it all but it's hard enough/high enough consequence to warrant roping up!

  6. Jamie Junker

    Mike Blarowski absolutely man, so cool to have this route in the back yard!!