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When you risk your life 3x & Strava only gets 1

  • 4.3km
  • 147m
  • 15:56
    Moving Time
  • 229


  1. Simon B.
    Simon B.

    strava 😠🖕😭😭. lol.

  2. {{ Daniel L.
    {{ Daniel L.

    How sick is that track!?

  3. Chris S.
    Chris S.

    Awesome man! Two sick lines out there. Cheers for tidying it up 👍

  4. {{ Daniel L.
    {{ Daniel L.

    Frothing- soon to be my local 🤙🏾

  5. Chris S.
    Chris S.

    Nice, you moving out that way?

  6. {{ Daniel L.
    {{ Daniel L.

    Yeah bud- Just bought 5 acres in Arcadia. Move in there September. The tracks a 5-10 min ride from my new home 🤙🏽🤘🏼

  7. Chris S.
    Chris S.

    Rad! You're gonna be even harder to catch on those tracks haha.

  8. Tim G.
    Tim G

    5 acres, sounds like a nice xc loop...

  9. {{ Daniel L.
    {{ Daniel L.

    Ha ha- I've got plans Tim G 😉

  10. Chris S.
    Chris S.

    Word of warning on the kicker across the creek {{ Daniel Lyons }} Johnny Deathjazz the lip of that jump is about to fall apart

  11. {{ Daniel L.
    {{ Daniel L.

    Simon and I are fixing it tonight ✅