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Stage 3 TDU, Hot day at the office, Paradise, SA, Australia

  • 146.5km
  • 2,086m
  • 3:34:38
    Moving Time
  • 2,936
  • 91
    Relative Effort


  1. Ron H.

    Weer 3 plekken robert. Knalluh

  2. Jason R.

    Great ride, don't forget to delete the rides later so us locals can keep our non pro rider KOM's

  3. Champy ..

    gives us something to work towards

  4. Ferry W.

    Bedankt voor het delen van de data, erg leuk om te zien.
    Veel succes in de TDU, zet hem op!!!

  5. Vujos O.

    Nice time up corkscrew bro

  6. Air Dvans :.

    +1 Ferry.....Gaaf om de koers van zo dichtbij mee te maken. Hoe te gek zou het zijn de data real time te kunnen volgen....STRAVA STREAM.

  7. Кирилл К.

    Wat een beest ben jij zeg!

  8. R Z.

    Agreed, keep the times, so we can compare against the pro riders.

  9. Lanterne Rouge

    I wish Cadel had uploaded his Cockscrew climb data here.

  10. Champy ..

    Exactly how often can you compare your stats against the pros?

  11. Lanterne Rouge

    @Matt, i hope this question is not for me because i can't even compare my data against a 16 year old girl since my knees are f*cked up for the good. I just wished to see Cadel's data as he made a surge on the climb at this stage.

  12. Champy ..

    Haha. Yeah

  13. Di D.

    Plek 5 !! Alweer, super keep up the Good work! You will put them all down under.. ;)

  14. Uncle J.

    I timed Cadel from live coverage at roughly 8:13 for the Corkscrew Road Full - Climb

  15. Champy ..

    They said on telly that he averaged 24.5 up there

  16. SUFFERvision .

    Thanks for sharing! Finish video + telemetry: http://suffervision.appspot.com/v/2554001

  17. Cycle C.

    great ride - thanks for sharing