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Introducing the 2018 RotD Route, featuring two loaves of raisin bread, new kit, super fat tires, and ice cream!

Ride July 15, 2017
  • 182.8km
  • 2,028m
  • 6:17:00
    Moving Time
  • 6,642
  • 163
    Relative Effort
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  1. Paul Lohnes


  2. Matthew D.

    Great looking Ride.

  3. Steve White Panther Proulx

    sick route, can't wait to do it!

  4. T R.

    Like the kits but taking me a while to adjust to the new look!

  5. Aaron Tator

    Wow, awesome ride. In other news, I found out what was causing the funny noise on my bike. My saddle bag flew off at 40something miles an hour. I reattached it, and no more weird noises. I can now fully vouch for the durability of Arundel saddle bags, if not their Velcro attachment system.

  6. Matthyw T.

    Very nice - look like tons of fun (maybe even enough that you'd not notice your legs screaming at you)

  7. Andy Brown

    Nice! I love that Lac Sinclair section.

  8. Chris S.

    Lap of Irwin would only add a few km and a lotta character.

  9. Matt Surch Ⓥ

    Chris, I hear you. I wonder how much it would add. It's part of El Camino, and this one is already 180k from town to town, so I'm hesitant to add....

  10. Chris S.

    It could really suck at the end of the day with beer-food in sight. Bonus loop for a beer ticket?

  11. Matt Surch Ⓥ

    We'll talk, Chris.

  12. Eric V.

    Haha...not even going to comment on what that picture looks like. :))