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LowTooJaw Training Ride #4 chasing Hartono

  • 57.3mi
  • 7,418ft
  • 3:47:32
    Moving Time
  • 2,989
  • 134
    Suffer Score


  1. Hartono H.
    Hartono H.

    Thanks for joining me and the motivation!

  2. Todd Brown H.
  3. Nate C.
    Nate Cazier | TBD Racing

    I made a huge mistake

  4. Todd Brown H.
    Todd Brown HUNKR.com - PEDALindustries

    I tol' you... epicality. Next week Nate Cazier | TBD Racing we r thinking gmr to Chrystal lake back to gmr and possibly the baldy ski station

  5. Nate C.
    Nate Cazier | TBD Racing

    I'm in like Flynn. Karma kicked my butt today for choosing not to chase adventure when I had the chance. I won't make that mistake again!

  6. Jordan T.
    Jordan Turner | TBD Racing

    Man, next week sounds epic! I'll be in Utah riding the Iron Lung. If you guys end up doing GMR and Crystal Lake the week after, I'd definitely be in.