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High Cascades 100 mtb race!

  • 101.6mi
  • 10,502ft
  • 9:16:58
    Moving Time
  • 6,618


  1. Emily McCloskey Ⓥ

    Yay! Amazing! Can't wait to hear about how it went!

  2. E Kutter

    Nice work! How was it?

  3. jeremy bowler


  4. Wayne L.

    Awesome result! Congratulations.

  5. Adam S.

    Sick dude! But I don't think you're supposed to PR that much on a 100 mile day - you're an animal!

  6. Brady Lawrence

    Holy cow

  7. Loren Newman

    Bbbbbbeeaaasst mode dude!!!

  8. Paul Hynes


  9. Dakota Gale

    Adam Sanders Ha, endurance races aren't about PRs? I finished w a lot left in the tank actually - could have gone out harder and cracked 9 pretty easily I suspect. Didn't know what to expect though. Stoked with results!

  10. Dakota Gale

    Loren Newman Thanks buddy. Such a rad day! And actually fun, crazy enough... :)

  11. Dakota Gale

    Wayne Lewis Thanks! Way more fun and less suffering than anticipated, so next time I better try harder I guess? Nice effort yourself!

  12. Rob Hafey

    Wow you crushed it!