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Long run aborted :-(

  • 4.6km
  • 31:35
    Moving Time
  • 6:49/km
    Avg Pace
  • 433


  1. David P.
    David Pipe

    Oh no! The curse of the Sunday morning Rea valley run. Hope it doesn't set you back too much.

  2. Angelina F.
    Angelina F.

    oh no hope you're ok

  3. Eleanor L.
    Eleanor L.

    Sudden and completely new calf pain. Tried stretching and carrying on but decided it was best to head home and not risk making it any worse.

  4. Angelina F.
    Angelina F.

    how annoying, you did the sensible thing though, hope it's better soon

  5. Eleanor L.
    Eleanor L.

    It does mean that we are all volunteering at P-H on Saturday: Simon and I are both crock and Charlie has peaked a week to soon for her holiday parkrun #50 target!

  6. Angelina F.
    Angelina F.

    that'll be a great achievement for Charlie and lovely that you're all volunteering this week!