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22 miles Falmer to Hampden Park. Forgot to restart my watch hence the missing .3 of a mile!

  • 21.7mi
  • 2,686ft
  • 4:59:59
    Moving Time
  • 13:48/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,419


  1. Teresa M.
    Teresa Mitchell

    Wow...well done x

  2. Emma D.
    Emma Davey

    Amazing! Glad you were allowed to stop for photos!

  3. Debbie D.
    Debbie D.

    All apart from the one of me was taken whilst still moving! Didn't event get to stop at gates, as Russ opened them all and waited! The only time I opened a gate for him is when I forgot to stop my watch. The views were amazing.

  4. Jacqueline W.
    Jacqueline Wooller

    Brilliant. Very very hard core Debbie Davis 💪

  5. Debbie D.
    Debbie D.

    Or totally mad Jacqueline Wooller ??

  6. Jacqueline W.
    Jacqueline Wooller

    Both I reckon 😜

  7. David K.
    David K.

    Well done Debbie, good preparation for you marathon abroad

  8. Debbie D.
    Debbie D.

    I do love the abroad part Dave, but still very unsure on the marathon!

  9. Mark R.
    Mark R.

    Awesome Debbie Davis well done

  10. Sasha S.
    Sasha Stevens

    See amazing running knew you could do it

  11. Debbie M.
    Debbie M.

    Well done Debbie 🌟 xx

  12. Lisa S.
    Lisa S.

    Wow Debbie! Well Done! 😊

  13. Debbie D.
    Debbie D.

    Thanks guys. Still unsure about the marathon! Agh. Someone tell me what to do!

  14. Lisa S.
    Lisa S.

    Do it! 🤣 x

  15. Eoz R.
    Eoz Rusk

    That's fantastic Debbie xx

  16. Sasha S.
    Sasha Stevens

    Do it you will regret it if u don't

  17. Robin W.
    Robin Walter

    Really jealous .... bloody work ... well done and also do it ... as long as you start you will finish..... what a experience it will be 😀🏃🏻☀️

  18. Marianne G.
    Marianne G.

    Super! Really well done

  19. Alan R.
    Alan R.

    Wow !!

  20. Nikki Y.
    Nikki Young

    Have you booked your train 🚂 yet

  21. Debbie D.
    Debbie D.

    Nope, keep forgetting! Must do that Nikki Young

  22. Nikki Y.
    Nikki Young

    We r on the 6.50 one I forgot I booked a early one 😂