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DRAM - Dundee Adventure Marathon. Tough as tough and brutal head wind. 1st Fv50 Supervet

  • 42.5km
  • 3:48:52
    Moving Time
  • 5:28/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,070


  1. Laura D.
    Laura Davies

    Wow! Mile 25 and 26 ... think I'll be asking you for marathon advice haha! Amazing well done x

  2. Margaret G.
    Margaret G.

    Thanks - was just so pleased that the end was in sight!!! A demanding route - half off road on trails then energy sapping head wind along the front!! But glad to have ticked it off!! 😄🍻

  3. Laura D.
    Laura Davies

    What an achievement. You are such an inspiration :)

  4. Gill W.
    Gill Westwater

    Well done - what a fab run!

  5. Steve O.
    Steve O.

    whoop whoop super Vet !

  6. Lynne G.
    Lynne Gibson

    Well done Margaret well deserved, the wind and my foot held me back!!

  7. Margaret G.
    Margaret G.

    Thanks Lynne. Rest that foot and recover!! See you soon.

  8. David S.
    David Scott

    Well done. Great result