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Artemis World Cycle Day 15: Golyshmanovo to Omsk

  • 405.8km
  • 942m
  • 15:12:34
    Moving Time
  • 6,765
  • 188
    Suffer Score


  1. Kevin Mischker

    Getting faster!!

  2. Jim Brown

    Big miles today Mark - Day 15 smashed... great work.

  3. Colin Whyte

    Chapeau Mark 🚴👊👏👏👏👍🚴

  4. Adam Cusworth

    No words...

  5. Alan Little

    Puts my 40 miler today to shame 👍

  6. David Lambert

    Great effort. Russia is massive.

  7. Mark C.

    Incredible heart rate

  8. John M.


  9. Garry Smith

    Effort old fella!!!

  10. Richard A.

    Heart rate is amazing...

  11. Kenneth Pararo

    wow, so cool

  12. Nick R.

    Nice mark 👌 only 2 segments in 250 miles

  13. Miguel Belém

    That's what I call flat ground :O

  14. Bram Hillenaar

    Good luck🚲💪

  15. Tim P.

    Great mileage Mark and looks like your ahead of target to. Keep pushing and smashing those miles.

  16. Graham Penfold Smith

    MB the silent destroyer of miles...

  17. mark mckissock

    97 avg heart beat do u have 1 when ur off the bike 😜

  18. Les Donaldson

    Absolute Legend :)

  19. Anne Marie P.

    Hope the injuries are in the mend

  20. James Macinnes

    Great that we get to follow on strava 😊 doing amazing and cheering you on all the way from #isleofskye ☺

  21. Mike Charlton

    Well done from everyone at Hetton Hawks C.C. Mark Beaumont all our young riders are following your trip after the message you sent them

  22. Dmitry Gorodock 🇷🇺

    Ride Forest Ride!

  23. Mixwell Daluvring

    Viktor Galas Marc ist in Omsk

  24. Michael Kohli

    Awesome riding.... Food bill must be huge!!

  25. Adam Ł.

    405k and only 2 strava segments!

  26. Dmitry Gorodock 🇷🇺

    Adam, it's Russia 😃 we have a lot of space, where nobody lives 😀