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10,000 km Day!

  • 56.3km
  • 439m
  • 1:52:44
    Moving Time
  • 1,498
  • 64
    Suffer Score


  1. Bruno (.
    Bruno (Meister) Silva

    Congratulations. That is a huge accomplishment. WTG.

  2. Jan C.
    Jan Clinckemaillie

    Memorable day indeed!

  3. Ben M.
    Ben Merritt

    Well done!!!

  4. Andrew S.
    Andrew Sangster -WCC

    Wow absolute dedication! Good work

  5. Don B.
    Don Boucher

    Thanks guys. I reached 10K earlier this year than last. It sounds like a lot, but fortunately some of you have done many more than me.

  6. Chris B.
    Chris Bell

    Well done Don reaching your 10K, every mile now is a bonus, enjoy the rest of your years cycling 😎

  7. Don B.
    Don Boucher

    Thanks Chris. And congratulations to you too, tomorrow you will be over 10,000 km.

  8. Chris B.
    Chris Bell

    Thanks Don, I am enjoying a couple of days away with my wife for our wedding anniversary so having a rest day, may have to get out tomorrow now though 😉 have I got many miles to go?

  9. Don B.
    Don Boucher

    Well your profile puts you at 9,963.3 km. That's pretty close.

  10. James M.
    James M.

    Great year thus far! Chapeau!

  11. John B.
    John Burroughs (CSR)

    Right on Man! 👊💪

  12. Dave K.
    Dave K.

    Amazing! Congrats

  13. Don B.
    Don Boucher

    I thank your support James, John, and Dave.

  14. Chris B.
    Chris Bell

    Thanks Don, nearly there 😎