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Flyers Charity Ride- Was in first paired up with a young guy & chain broke-Fixed Chain then took a hot corner too fast crashed at 40mph saved bike & finished but broke two right ribs hurts to pull on the bars

  • 64.2mi
  • 3,301ft
  • 3:30:33
    Moving Time
  • 2,817


  1. Phil M.
    Phil M.

    Ai ai ai, that's gotta hurt bad. Hope you did not lose too much skin or other damage to yourself. You took some Broad Street Bullies ice hockey punsihment there, old buddy. You must've been racing hard.

  2. Mary M.
    Mary Mease

    Rest up and heal quickly! The City Of Brotherly Love wasn't so kind today! Glad all ok for the most partN

  3.  Bike  .
    Bike .

    Phil I flew into rocks and grass and kept the bike from hitting anything but at 40mph something had to give and my ribs and shoulder. Im now a lot stiffer since it happened and wife says no riding tomorrow what do you think lol! When we arrived Bernie Parent pulled up and started chatting with my wife and I and really liked my Pinarello but said his bike of choice for this ride would be a Harley. I had fun anyway God is so good

  4. Scott & Arlene H.
    Scott & Arlene Hosier (Tandem)

    Ouch, not your best day. Heal quickly hope your not too sore in the morning!

  5. Mark C.
    Mark Connell

    Glad it wasn't worse! Reminds me of the saying..."Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly"! Stay Strong, Sir!!

  6. David T.
    David Thompson

    I was the guy who stopped to help you with your chain. Sorry to here about your crash.

  7. Tomas S.
    Tomas S.

    Oh my God! I'm glad you are alive. I wish you speedy recovery.