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I may not be fast enough for split shorts, but they're nice in the heat. 2x 3mi @LT on hills!

  • 9.1mi
  • 1:06:08
    Moving Time
  • 7:13/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,326


  1. Jason J.
    Jason Jacobs

    I have been thinking of getting a pair even thought my speed is not high enough to warrant them. My theory on shorts still holds true so far though. The shorter your shorts the faster you are.

  2. Kyle B.
    Kyle Blackketter

    Do it! They're much nicer in summer than longer marathoning shorts with all the pockets. Plus, maybe all the extra weight from the longer shorts has been holding you back!

  3. Rick O.
    Rick Overton

    So what is the split short cut off for a 5k?? I would say sub 18. Lol.

  4. Kyle B.
    Kyle Blackketter

    I am nowhere near sub-18 right now, but maybe I can keep wearing them out in the country where no-one can see me..