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ACE 250 - First to Falls :) (4am group) and then cruised with Steve C

  • 252.4km
  • 4,584m
  • 8:45:28
    Moving Time
  • 8,130
  • 349
    Relative Effort


  1. Steve Crispin

    Nice one A A Ron. Strong as an Ox.

  2. Greg L.

    Wow Aaron, awesome effort!

  3. Queen Of The M.

    Such a freak! Well done dude :)

  4. Dane Roberts

    Nice work mate

  5. Charles Nicoll

    That is a smokin day across the board. WTF corner to Falls, one of Australi's premier climbs!
    Did you win the thing or did someone sneak past after Falls, or do they not really have winners?

  6. Phillip Glyde

    Now that's what I call a ride. Awesome

  7. Jeff Dau (TQ)

    Hi Aaron, hope you don't mind me posting. Just wanted to say thanks for the lift up the back of falls, we made good time thanks to you. I was the Quoner that tagged on after Anglers Rest. You guys were on fire. Much kudos!

  8. James H.

    What happens when you go fast with Steve?

  9. Aaron Coles

    Hi Jeff, no worries at all mate was great to have some more company :) awesome to see some locals out on course too!!

  10. Aaron Coles

    Hey Charles, I'd a been a good chance if it was a race but it's not meant to be :) Steve C literally hit a bit of a black spot up falls so we did a rendezvous up the top. :) I had fun so that was the main thing and tbh Steve dragged us all up Hotham so it was only fair I waited a bit.

  11. Charles Nicoll

    Aaron, I know what u mean re: no race, like Fitz's and Gran Fondos. However, we smash ourselves everyday in training and soft pedalling is not easily done. Anyway you had the work done by top of Falls.
    Will they even publish times, or is that against Audax principles! 
    Nice work on Buffalo today. We just ate and swam in the river

  12. Matt L.

    Hey Aaron, I was the other fella on the Trek (white/blue). You did an awesome job to Falls and your mate (Steve?) was an absolute gun going up Hotham. Thanks for working with me on the day, made it a far better event riding with good riders. BTW, the fella on the black Yeti (black peakcycling gear) got into Bright first then myself 4 minutes later - had a mini blowup on Tawonga. Cheers.

  13. Steve Crispin

    Hey Matt. Nice work on Sunday. Especially driving the pace between Omeo and Falls climb. My blow up was fairly spectacular up back of falls and never recovered. Nutrition and hydration will be focus in future. Grats on the great time. Nice riding with you.

  14. Martin Grannas

    Great efforts by all of you. I was on the Cervelo and dropped off at the start of WTF, 39x28 just a bit big for me at your pace.

    Audax never give the finishing times. Best you'll see on the website is something that lets you determine which percentile of the finishers you fit in - safe to say top 1%.

  15. Steve Crispin

    Nice one, Martin. Cheers. Falls was tough, hey.

  16. Aaron Coles

    Hi Matt, yeah likewise awesome riding, nice to know how it all ended up! U were riding super strong. I was barely holding on up the first part of falls and then all of a sudden perked up as the gradient eased, must have been the compact gearing eh :). Was definitely great having a good bunch of us working together!!

  17. Queen Of The M.

    Official Audax results? As if! You guys know that if it's not on Strava, it didnt happen and you weren't there. Just set up your Segment ACE250 for the official leaderboard.