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Live long and prosper, Skyline Squirrel

  • 60.2mi
  • 6,765ft
  • 3:45:33
    Moving Time
  • 2,120


  1. Matt M.
    Matt McHugh

    So you missed the squirrel and all is well....or is that a eulogy? In either event sounds like you stayed up which is good.

  2. Katelyn C.
    Katelyn C.

    Unfortunately I did not miss the squirrel. He would have made it if he had just kept going across the road, but he insisted on an abrupt change of direction that sent him straight under my rear tire. But as I was mourning the loss of the foolish little rodent, Wes discovered that he was still alive, and he scampered (gimped) off into the woods. I was doubtful that he would be long for this world, although Wes assured me later that he was probably off "licking his nuts" somewhere quite happily.

  3. Matt M.
    Matt McHugh

    Sad…I imagine you and Wes are both right…what better thing to do with ones last few minutes of life. I had a scare a while back coming off the back of Sierra that was the identical scenario…the furball was clear but freaked out and turned back. I was at 40mph and thought I was going to get it with my front tire. I'm glad it was your back tire.