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#TDF2017 S18

  • 183.7km
  • 3,605m
  • 5:05:39
    Moving Time


  1. Jakub Mlynarczyk

    Michał, epic ride. Congrats! #Sydney #Australia #TdF

  2. Gianluca Pelati


  3. Chris F.

    Super domestique

  4. Armin R.

    chapeau! great Job!

  5. Sharon W.

    Well done!!!

  6. Roman Słociński

    Michał, twoja jazda to bajka!

  7. DMX Time Machine

    Good job Michal !😎😂

  8. IGOR G. R.

    Bravo Michal!!!! Vaya Tour estás haciendo!!! Felicidades campeón

  9. Owen G.

    Absolute animal!! Smashed it 💪👊

  10. Dave T.

    Truly epic ride today by you 👏👏👏👍

  11. Paris S.

    You need new sunglasses..

  12. Chris B.

    Unbelievable Kwiato. Definition of a team player and true soldier. Rider of the Tour hands down

  13. Dawid ..

    Jest forma 👍🏻

  14. Daniel Pioli

    Kwiato you are amazing!!!

  15. Phillip Garforth

    Chapeau!!! 😁

  16. Eduardo Soto

    Gran tour !! Muy fuerte

  17. Grzegorz Dziurlikowski

    Oj, wyjechałeś się. Zostaw trochę mocy na czasówkę. Niech moc będzie z Tobą.

  18. Joshua M.

    Absolutely killer effort #wattagebazooka

  19. Marcello B.

    you are the number one...👏👏💪💪

  20. Tecwyn Williams

    Chapeau Michael

  21. Steve Bannell

    Fantastic job! Only 3 hrs 40 faster than my E'Tape time. lol

  22. Peter L.


  23. Matt Burns

    Kwiato, you continue to inspire. What a team player. You're one of my favorite cyclists, keep up the great work.

  24. Jamie T.

    Thrilling to watch, an immense performance!! 🔥🔥🏆🏆⛰⛰

  25. Dean ..

    why do you throw your goggle out? i am sure your boss didnt like it :)

  26. Marco Fialdini

    Grande...ho trovato i tuoi occhiali..

  27. Cv T.

    Incredible effort. Awesome

  28. John H.

    Duty done, excellent performance.

  29. The Raving R.

    Rabbit says hello.

  30. Andrew Plumridge

    You've won the Tour for Froomey!

  31. Bruno M.

    Congratulações from Brazil 🇧🇷

  32. Şükrü Bekir E.

    Fantastic show 👏👏

  33. Nino C.


  34. Przemek W

    Ukłony !

  35. Mike Cooke

    Top man well done

  36. Luke Fernandez

    Legend👌💪💪💪. Well done Sir. 👏👏👏

  37. Sybille Weberpals

    Great! It inspire to see you all!

  38. Warren Kingston (GYCC)

    Great ride my friend. Keep strong

  39. Javier Chama ⚡️ Mexican


  40. Paul E.

    Great ride bet the glasses will be on eBay!!

  41. John Strachan

    Epic epic ride today, amazing! 👍🏻

  42. Paul E.

    Great job, chapeau

  43. Mirosław Cholewa

    Piękna jazda Kwiato!

  44. Scott Harrison

    awesome ride!

  45. Ash H.

    Another great ride

  46. Efe Egemen Şen

    Lunch ride be like

  47. Benoît Rives

    Watts watts job !!!😓😓😓😓😇😇😇😜😜😜

  48. Rosa Suarez

    Impressive work today! I could see you on tv giving your everything today... totally in love

  49. Daniel D.

    True power! Well done again!