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21/07/2017 - Cheeky Goodwood Century...

  • 102.7mi
  • 6,332ft
  • 7:02:46
    Moving Time
  • 3,709


  1. Heidi Price

    Great ride 👌🏼

  2. yellow jack

    Thanks! The wee 'bump' off to the West as I rode down was not intentional though. It was meant to be more-or-less straight down, but my Garmin had a brain-fart and flat refused to draw the route for me meaning I got a wee bit lost. It didn't matter too much, as the roads I took to get back on track were quite nice but it did mean I missed my planned shop stop. Tough going, into a head wind all the way down though...

  3. Dean "Mungo" Tredgett (Mungo's Marauders)

    Boom! Tidy m8💪😎👏👏

  4. Heidi Price

    It was very windy today especially through Crondall .. the open fields 💨💨

  5. Warwick G.

    Nice miles 👍🏻 looks like you've had a busy week

  6. yellow jack

    Warwick, you can blame - Dean "Mungo" Tredgett (Mungo's Marauders) - his cunning little TdF based team challenge within his Strava club has inspired me to push harder this week. I'm regretting a few days of not cycling now, and also regretting a few early challenge rides inefficiently building miles on the MTB instead of exclusively using the road bike to get more miles out of the same amount of riding time. Hey-ho. We'll see how the numbers stack up on Sunday... ;¬{D

  7. yellow jack

    Just for a change I stopped for a food break today. It saved me from having to carry an extra bottle and it was nice to have some 'proper' food instead of three or four manky cereal bars. I stopped at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum at the bottom of the hill between Singleton and Goodwood. Stupidly expensive hot food (WTF is £12 for a plate of fish & chips all about???) meant I went for a sandwich and crisps with a bottle of fizzy pop. Sandwich was OK, Tuna mayo with red onion, actually better than just "OK" - it was very nice. Decent crisps too. All came to £6.90. Then I unintentionally fed the ducks in the pond, and became a litterbug. I had a couple of bites left of the sandwich, put it down on the paper bag while I finished my crisps, and a freak gust of wind snatched it away (bag and all) into the pond. Grrr!

  8. Kerry Fuller