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01/30/14 St. George, UT

  • 11.0mi
  • 1,775ft
  • 1:18:34
    Moving Time
  • 27
    Suffer Score


  1. ◊ Golden D.
    ◊ Golden D.

    OMG you are such a hoe grandma!! lol

  2. Erica T.
    Erica T.

    Joey-are you calling me old or just calling me a hoe?! I"m simply giving you some motivation get back down here and collect segments:)

  3. Edward  F.
    Edward F.

    Was it windy up there today?

  4. ◊ Golden D.
    ◊ Golden D.

    Haha Grannie the hoe out getting some crowns today! But actually, I was referring to the segment names! I'll be back next weekend.. On a new bike! Yay! I can feel your fun from here!!!

  5. Erica T.
    Erica T.

    Ed-no wind at all. How about there?

  6. Erica T.
    Erica T.

    Joey-what's your new bike?!

  7. Edward  F.
    Edward F.

    Came up out of no where and was whipping really good!! Hoping it dies down for tomorrow and the weekend too.

  8. ◊ Golden D.
    ◊ Golden D.

    Scott Spark 900SL- love my Scale HT...always had a thing for Scott's! ;) Excited!

  9. Debbie  M.
    Debbie Mortensen

    yeah, let's all gun for that hoe, I mean her highness...

  10. Erica T.
    Erica T.

    Hahahaha! @Debbie ^^^^

  11. Slyfox >>>>> F.
    Slyfox >>>>> F.

    I named all those segments, I like old hoes