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Sunrise, Mango Bread, and a Volcano.

  • 76.7mi
  • 11,906ft
  • 5:06:23
    Moving Time
  • 3,634


  1. Chad R.

    I'm starting to wonder if strava should have a separate category for your kind; pros that is.

  2. Cycloid ~.


  3. Stephen W.

    Love that climb! Hope you stayed dry out there.

  4. Alyssa B.

    nice QOMs!!

  5. Alyssa B.

    make sure you hit the Paia Flatbread Company while you're in town!

  6. Dave M.

    Just for the record you know you have the best job in the world, right? And a kick-ass grandfather too :-)

  7. Jay Z H.

    Haha I totally knew you were in Hawaii because of the title! Awesome!

  8. Matt Vanaman


  9. Matt Vanaman


  10. Dirk Pollmann

    what a ride! fantastic!

  11. Marin S.

    Love that ride! I rode to Hana too. You should try that one too. What a satisfying upload for you.

  12. adam morley

    Haleakala in one of my favorites on Maui, along with the west maui mountains. I definitely second a trip to Hana, the route from Paia is great riding on nearly perfect pavement. Going around the bottom of Maui is worth serious consideration if you go do go to Hana, as the views are stunning and it's very low traffic.

  13. Alison Tetrick

    I have done the ride to Hana... on both the "easy" way and the much much harder way that involved the worst road I have ever traveled on! This climb is awesome, just a pain to get down! So cold!

  14. Noah Bloom

    Great job! How is the weather and wind up there? Hoping to get a window to climb Mon or Tues, east loop the other day

  15. Alison Tetrick

    Noah, the wind has been all over the map. The day I climbed the volcano, I left at 6:45am (first light) and didn't really know if I was going until checking the weather than morning. I think if you can see the top in the early morning, you have a shot! Enjoy! And... I think the West Maui Loop is best done counter-clockwise.... but that depends on the wind too!

  16. Alison Tetrick

    Noah, the wind has been all over the map, and lots of showers on certain parts of the island depending on wind. I left at first light (6:45am) to climb the volcano, and think the trick is to check the weather that morning, leave early, and make sure you can see the top of the crater so you will make it to the top before the weather! Enjoy!

  17. Noah Bloom

    It was ugly up high today, but still well worth the effort. Looks like you're staying nearby. Want to join us for Hana or east loop tomorrow? If so, email is on my profile page.