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That was both horrible and wonderful. Horrible when I accidentally ventured on to something called a Super Strada, which is kind of like the Interstate, and wonderful most of the rest of the time, except the final 20 km, which were horrible.

  • 114.2mi
  • 5,772ft
  • 5:41:37
    Moving Time
  • 3,934


  1. Revere G.
    Revere G.

    Also my max speed was not 124 mph, and my average was 19.6. Strava/Garmin doesn't do well with tunnels.

  2. Scott H.
    Scott Hoyer | GDVC

    Someday you may be the KOM of the world!

  3. Revere G.
    Revere G.

    Thanks, Scott. Starting that long a ride with a hard, 30 minute effort might now have been the smartest thing to do.

  4. Mike S.
    Mike Swart | GDVC

    Absolutely astonishing location Revere!

  5. Troy A.
    Troy Alton

    Was that ride on the Madona del Ghisallo? That is so cool. I have really wanted to go to see the Giro d' Lombardia then do some riding in the area.

  6. Revere G.
    Revere G.

    Troy, it's incredible. The bottom section is steep -- lots of stuff above 10% -- and then the final push to the chapel is more manageable at around 8%. When you get to the top, the views are incredible, and both the chapel and the museum warrant a visit.

  7. Alexa G.
    Alexa G.

    Did Liz light a candle for you in the chapel? I am not so sure my candle had as direct a line to the intended recipient.