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Grasshopper is overrated

  • 43.3mi
  • 5,660ft
  • 3:07:45
    Moving Time
  • 2,459


  1. Michael Z.

    says every guy who doesnt do it. crybaby

  2. Devils Reject

    No reason to pay to ride in my yard

  3. Michael Z.

    ya i guess thats true. but you wouldnt have been the only poacher so you still coulda done it. and shit if you didnt feel great half way you would have an easy way out lol

  4. Devils Reject

    Yea woulda been fun ill bet but I prefer old caz on the moto haha. If you take that creek down stream 1.5 miles your basically into my yard lol. How'd you do anyhow?

  5. Michael Z.

    finally finished it properly this year so i was pumped on that. ended up just outside top 10.

  6. Devils Reject

    Nice good work!! Who took the win?

  7. Michael Z.

    Thanks! I think levi wasnt signed up so he wont be on official results. woulda been either pete stetina or geoff kabush. and geoff rode it on his road bike lol. ridiculous

  8. Squirrel D.

    Poach em if ya can!